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My first attempt at a mille-crêpe came to an early end tonight.

If I'd stuck to the traditional pastry cream filling, it would have been fine -- and the pastry cream came out quite well (not very sweet, but the chocolate and raspberry will make up for it). Unfortunately, I used too much cream in making the ganache, leading to a gooshy-at-room-temperature mix which would have been great on ice cream but couldn't hold its place in a large number of layers. As I was prepping the last three-crêpe set for addition to the top of the cake, more than one of the chocolate layers gave up and the uppermost already-stacked section made a run for the edge of the counter. Fortunately, I caught it before it made it over the edge, but several more layers took the opportunity to head out in different directions; the only thing preventing a complete all-over-the-kitchen spill was transferring the whole stack to a saucepan.

Now, here's the bright side:

When your ingredients are crêpes, ganache, pastry cream, and raspberry jam, it's almost impossible to have a complete failure. So while the intended form of these ingredients isn't happening, and while the presentation will be a bit off, the resulting crepe-layered chocolately vaguely trifle-esque abomination should still be quite acceptable as a dessert.

I'm really tempted to try this whole thing again; it should be quite doable with a much firmer ganache (about 3 parts chocolate per part cream instead of 2, and it should probably be manipulated cold instead of cool).
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