Aug. 8th, 2009

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So, on the recommendations of a few friends (hi [profile] hauen!), I'm working my way through Babylon 5 on Hulu. Now, yeah, a lot of the writing is cheesetastic and I had to skip the patronizing militarist quasi-anti-union episode, but I have one major impression so far (I'm towards the beginning of season 1, episode 17):

I need some Ivanova/Winters.

Yeah, yeah, normally I'm all for the male/male, but these are the two characters who piss me off the least, the two I actually care about (OK, the doctor has his moments, but for some reason I can't picture him as straight and I have nobody to slash him with but Lennier; I'm not even going to go into Londo/G'Kar until a later season, though they're already slashtastic). After the first episode I was hoping for much more of the evolution of the dynamics between them (and they led to the passing of the Bechdel Test in the first episode, which not many TV series -- let a lone SF series with Harlan Ellison as an advisor -- manage in the first season if ever), but I've been sadly disappointed. (At least Ivanova has gotten a good bit of screen time, some attention as a character, and more depth and development than anyone else in the cast up until this point.) Now, it looks like they'll start to get some interaction in episode 17, but I'm afraid that it's going to be made of sexism and fail, so I'm putting out a pre-emptive request:

I need some femmeslash here.


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