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So far, I've presented two talks on literary theory as related to Harry Potter fandom -- one at Lumos '06 in Las Vegas (regarding liberal vs. radical political self-conceptions in popular media, comparing the HP novels to V for Vendetta), one at Azkatraz '09 in San Francisco (regarding interactions between the body and the self in HP slash fanfiction, drawing on cyborg theory).

Now, to continue the "every three years" pattern, my paper proposal has been accepted for Ascendio 2012 (put on by the same people as the other cons/symposia) in Florida. Now, I've been disappointed in the past with the number of people showing up at my presentations/lectures (10-20 the first time, 7 the second; partially I blame being scheduled at the same time as the other slash-related quasi-academic presentation), so I decided to try to put more asses in seats by offering a deliberately provocative title which will show up on schedules and programs.

I'm calling my paper/lecture this time around "There's No Such Thing as Canon".

I still have to work out some of the details (like whether I can afford to go to Florida this July and whether I can overcome my distaste for Slavoj Žižek long enough to quote the worthwhile and relevant bits of his work in what is, after all, supposed to be a paper on "practical literary theory for HP fans"), but I'm hoping to draw in a lot of indignant fans and convince them to move in a fanarchist direction.

Also -- I'm going to have to manually crosspost this between LJ and DW. Does anyone know a program to help with that process in the future? I used to have such a program a computer or two ago...
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